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Causes of Attention Deficit Disorder

The actual cause or causes of ADD is not known. Medical research has suggested that in many cases the disorder is genetically inherited and it causes an imbalance or deficiency in certain chemical that regulate the efficiency in which the brain controls behavior.

Although some evidence suggests that heredity is often the main cause of ADD, problems in prenatal development, birth complications or later neurological damage can also contribute to attention deficit disorder. There is little evidence to suggest that environmental factor, dietary factors such as food dyes or sugar, inner-ear problems or “visual motor” difficulties are the underlying cause of ADD.

The existence of ADD in adult is unknown and very few studies have been done. In the few treatment studies of adults, the sex difference does not appear to have a significant effect. Medical statistics have shown that about two-thirds of children who were diagnosed with ADD before or during their teenage years continued to have behavioral symptoms as an adult. During this period, associated behavioral, learning, emotional problems also revealed.

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