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Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder

Firstly it is important for the physician to rule out other conditions such as anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, manic-depression or obsessive compulsive disorder that can imitate ADD symptoms. Hormonal imbalances in pre-menopause and menopause can produce foggy thinking, anxiety and exaggerated outbursts. Women in their late 30’s or 40s should rule out pre-menopause if ADD symptoms appear.

After diagnosis the methods of treatment supported by the physician may include a combination of education for the adult and his/her family and close friends, educational/employment accommodations, medication, and counseling. Appropriate treatment is determined according to the severity of an individual’s disorder and the type and number of associated problems.

For adult with ADD, physicians usually first prescribe antidepressants such as Prozac, since depression issues is often present with adult attention deficit disorder. If antidepressant does not work, the physicians can move to more stimulant medication such as Adderall, Conerta or Ritalin or Strattera.

Stimulant medication therapy route is not recommended for those people with a history of drug or alcohol use or abuse since these are controlled substances with fairly high degree of addiction potential in adults.

Many people have benefited from the used of medications treatment plan with the conjunction of education and counseling. They have found that it helps to provide a base where they can build new successes. The main purpose of medication is to help the adult to help himself/herself. It provides the biological support needed for self-control. The efforts solely lie on him or her own to succeed; the individual is not controlled by the medication.

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